, Kingston, NH


February 23, 2012

Kingston Town Warrant


1. Multi-level monitoring wells (to evaluate soil stratigraphy);

2. Cumulative impact nitrogen loading analysis employing a saturation buildout model. The analysis shall include verification that the development will not cause the nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N) concentration in groundwater beyond the site to exceed 5 mg/l; in zone B this standard is 10 mg/l;

3. Permeability testing;

4. Water quality sampling analysis;

5. Water table contours and groundwater flow direction.

C. Maximum Lot Coverage: Within the Aquifer Protection District, no more than 15 percent (15%) of a single lot may be rendered impervious to groundwater infiltration in Zone A. In Zone B, no more than 25 percent (25%) of a single lot may be rendered impervious to groundwater infiltration. However, in both Zone A and Zone B, lot coverage may be increased up to thirty-five percent (35%) if the applicant can show storm-water management techniques that would allow for recharge on the property to be developed. (Amended 03/08/2005; 03/13/2012)

D. Septic System Design Installation: All Septic Systems shall conform to the Subsurface Disposal System Rules and Regulations of the Kingston Board of Health.

E. Prohibited Uses: The following uses are prohibited in both Zone A and B of the Aquifer Protection Zone unless noted otherwise below and except where permitted to continue as a non-conforming use. Such uses shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Disposal of solid waste (as defined by NHRSA 149:M) other than brush or stumps generated on the property on which they are to be disposed.

2. Hazardous waste facilities as defined under RSA 147-A.

3. Disposal of liquid or leachable wastes except that from one or two-family residential subsurface disposal systems, or as otherwise permitted as a conditional use.

4. Subsurface storage of petroleum and other refined petroleum products except for gas stations where allowed.

5. Industrial uses which discharge contact type process waters on-site. Noncontact cooling water is permitted.

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