, Kingston, NH


February 23, 2012

Kingston Town Warrant



D. to encourage uses that can appropriately and safely be located in the aquifer recharge areas.


A. Animal Feedlot: A commercial agricultural establishment consisting of confined feeding areas and related structures used for the raising of livestock. An animal feedlot shall be considered one on which more than five (5) animals are raised simultaneously to protect the public health and general welfare of the citizens of Kingston;

B. Aquifer: For the purpose of this Ordinance, aquifer means a geologic formation, group of formations, or part of a formation that is capable of yielding quantities of groundwater usable for municipal or private water supplies.

C. Dwelling Unit: A building or that portion of a building consisting of one or more rooms designed for living and sleeping purposes, including kitchen and

sanitary facilities and intended for occupancy by not more than one family or household.

D. Groundwater: All the water below the land surface in the zone of saturation or in rock fractures capable of yielding water to a well.

E. Groundwater Recharge: The infiltration of precipitation through surface soil materials into groundwater. Recharge may also occur from surface waters, including lakes, streams and wetlands.

F. Leachable Wastes: Waste materials, including solid wastes, sludge and agricultural wastes that are capable of releasing contaminants to the surrounding environment.

G. Mining of Land: The removal of geologic materials such as topsoil, sand and gravel, metallic ores, or bedrock to be crushed or used as building stone.

H. Non-Conforming Use: Any lawful use of buildings, structures, premises, land or parts thereof existing as of the effective date of this Ordinance, or amendment thereto, and not in conformance with the provisions of this Ordinance, shall be considered to be a non-conforming use.

I. Non-Municipal Well: Any well not owned and operated by the Town of Kingston or its agent.

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