, Kingston, NH


February 23, 2012

Kingston Town Warrant


#: The following uses, if allowed in the underlying zoning district, are permitted only after a Conditional Use Permit is granted by the Kingston Board of Selectmen, or their designee, for residential use or the Kingston Planning Board for all other uses:

1. Agriculture and Livestock, done in accordance with the "Manual of Best Management Practices for Agriculture in New Hampshire" adopted by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Markets, and Food, Rockingham County Conservation District, and UNH Cooperative Extension and the "Guidelines & Best Management Practices for Horsekeeping", compiled and produced by Lisa Derby Oden, Blue Ribbon Consulting, New Ipswich, NH and NH Horse Council, Inc.

a. Minimum lot size for agriculture and livestock use is 2 acres.

b. Setbacks and Buffering:

i. Livestock Housing: Livestock housing shall be set back a minimum of 50 feet from all property lines, 100 feet from all neighboring residences, and 100 feet from all wells.

ii. Paddocks: Livestock paddocks shall be set back a minimum of 20 feet from all property lines and 100 feet from all wells. Between agriculture and livestock and residential uses, a 20-foot vegetated buffer shall be suitably planted and permanently maintained; plantings will be no less than 50% evergreen for year-round screening. iii. Additional setbacks may be required for compliance with other applicable regulations and ordinances, including but not limited to, Wetlands, Shoreland and Aquifer Protection.

c. All livestock housing and paddocks must be shown on the site plan.

d. All other Health requirements apply.


ARTICLE 6: Are you in favor of the following amendment to Article 303, Signs, of Kingston's Zoning Ordinance as proposed by the Planning Board? Amend Section 303.3 A, 1, by changing "sign permits" in the second line of the paragraph to "signs"; and by changing "In the case where a sign permit is requested for a business not subject to" to "In all cases where a sign permit is requested for a business either subject to or not subject to" the Planning Board's site plan review authority, the permit will be applied through and granted by the Building Inspector within the Office of the Board of Selectmen.

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