, Kingston, NH


February 23, 2012

Kingston Town Warrant


B. The use for which an exception is sought cannot feasibly be carried out on a portion or portions of the lot which are outside the Aquifer Protection District.

C. Due to the provisions of the Aquifer Protection District, no reasonable and economically viable use of the lot can be made without the exception.

D. The design and construction of the proposed use will, to the extent practical, be consistent with the purpose and intent of this Section.


Where applicable the following design and operation guidelines shall be observed within the Aquifer Protection District:

A. Nitrate loading. No development shall cause the nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) concentration to exceed 5 mg/l in the groundwater beyond the site. In Zone B the nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) concentration shall not exceed 10 mg/l in the groundwater beyond the site.

B. Safeguards. Provision shall be made to protect against toxic or hazardous materials discharge or loss resulting from corrosion, accidental damage, spillage, or vandalism through measures such as: spill control provisions in the vicinity of chemical or fuel delivery points; secured storage areas for toxic or hazardous materials; and indoor storage provisions for corrodible or dissolvable materials. For operations which allow the evaporation of toxic or hazardous materials into the interiors of any structures, a closed vapor recovery system shall be provided for each such structure to prevent discharge of contaminated condensate into the groundwater.

C. Location. Where the premises are partially outside of the Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone, potential pollution sources such as on-site waste disposal systems shall be located outside the Zone to the extent feasible.

D. Drainage. All runoff from impervious surfaces shall be recharged on the site, and diverted toward areas covered with vegetation for surface infiltration to the extent possible. Dry wells shall be used only where other methods are not feasible, and shall be preceded by oil, grease, and sediment traps to facilitate removal of contaminants.

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