, Kingston, NH


February 23, 2012

Kingston Town Warrant


7. Farming, gardening, nursery, forestry, harvesting and grazing, provided that fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, manure and other leachables are used appropriately at levels that will not cause groundwater contamination and are stored under shelter.

8. Dry cleaning establishments for drop-off and pick-up only with no dry cleaning to take place on site. (Amended 03/08/2005)

G. Conditional Uses: The following uses, if allowed in the underlying zoning district, are permitted only after a Conditional Use Permit is granted by the Kingston Planning Board:

1. Industrial and commercial uses not otherwise prohibited in Section 201.4 of this Article;

2. Multi-family residential development;

3. Sand and gravel excavation and other mining provided that such excavation or mining is not carried out within eight (8) vertical feet of the seasonal high water table and that periodic inspections are made by the Planning Board or its agent to determine compliance. The Planning Board may grant a Conditional Use Permit for those uses listed above only after written findings of fact are made that all of the following conditions are met:

a) the proposed use will not detrimentally affect the quality of the groundwater contained in the aquifer by directly contributing to pollution or by increasing the long-term susceptibility of the aquifer to potential pollutants;

b) the proposed use will not cause a significant reduction in the long-term volume of water contained in the aquifer or in the storage capacity of the aquifer;

c) the proposed use will discharge no waste water on site other than that typically discharged by domestic waste water disposal systems and will not involve on-site storage or disposal of toxic or hazardous wastes as herein defined;

d) the proposed use complies with all other applicable sections of this Article.

e) a hydrogeologic study shall be submitted for uses whose septic system is designed for more than 2,400 g.p.d. In Zone A, a study shall be submitted for any septic system designed for more than 2,000 g.p.d.

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