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March 8, 2011

Sandown Town Results 2011

Asterisk denotes winner

Article 1: Election of Officers

Selectmen: three-year term, elect two

* Thomas Tombarello: 511

* James Devine: 411

Budget Committee: one-year term, elect two

* Melinda "Mindy" Salomone-Abood: 472

* Bruce Cleveland: 456

Budget Committee: three-year term, elect two

* Cathleen Gorman: 484

Planning Board: three-year term, elect two

* Mark Traeger: 501

Fire Engineers: three-year term, elect three

* Wilfred Tapley: 540

* Irving Bassett: 555

* Dennis Giangregorio: 491

Cemetery Trustee: three-year term, elect one

* David I. Drowne: 574

Trustee of the Trust Fund: three-year term, elect one

* David Drowne: 558

Library Trustee: three-year term, elect one

* Diana True: 577

Article 2: Shall the Town raise and appropriate as an operating budget, not including appropriations by special warrant articles and other appropriations voted separately, the amounts set forth on the budget posted with the warrant or as amended by vote of the first session, for the purposes set forth therein, totaling $3,237,830.04. Should this article be defeated, the default budget shall be $3,282,449.27, which is the same as last year, with certain adjustments required by previous action of the Town or by law; or the governing body may hold one special meeting, in accordance with RSA 40:13, X and XVI, to take up the issue of a revised operating budget only. This operating budget warrant article does not include appropriations contained in ANY other warrant articles.

* Yes: 552

No: 84

Article 3: Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate and authorize the Selectmen to accept a Highway Block Grant in the sum of $156,266 for the road improvement programs March 8, 2011 - Town Warrant to be recommended by the Sandown Highway Department and approved by the Sandown Board of Selectmen, said sum to be supplied by the State of New Hampshire.

* Yes: 582

No: 60

Article 4: Shall the town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $75,350 to remove and replace the 40 year old tank on the 2001 International 2674 Series Tanker Truck with a 3,500 gallon poly-elliptical tank. New tank comes with a lifetime warranty and rear and side dump ports to make unit more serviceable for Fire Department use.

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