, Kingston, NH


March 14, 2012

Newton results


To: " a. Discontinuance of the occupancy or non-conforming use for twelve consecutive months with no ongoing attempts to sell or lease the property for its non-conforming use or

b. Failure to resume the non-conforming use within eighteen months, even though there may be ongoing efforts to sell or lease the property for its non-conforming use."

g. Edit Section IX, subsection 2 as follows: Add: "debris" after "fire."

h. Edit Section IX, subsection 9 as follows: Delete: "There shall be no burial of demolition or construction materials in any zone in the Town of Newton." The sentence repeats previous sentence.

i. Edit Section XXIII, subsection 3 as follows: Add: "Final" before "Approval."

j. Edit Section XII as follows: Delete: "For the purposes of this ordinance, the term 'accessory apartment' shall be defined as follows: 'A second dwelling unit with provisions for cooking, eating, sanitation and sleeping, located within a single family dwelling and clearly a subordinate part thereof.' "

Reference definition found in definition section. Edit Definitions section and Section XXXI as follows: Change:" BEDROOM: A room primarily used for sleeping." AND "Bedroom: a room with an interior door and a closet."

To: "BEDROOM: A room with an interior door that is primarily intended for sleeping." k. Edit Definitions section to include all definitions found in other sections of the zoning ordinance.

l. Edit zoning ordinances by removing antiquated references to former RSA chapters and state agencies and replacing with current references.

m. Change title of "Industrial/Commercial" zone to "Light Industrial/Commercial" zone to properly describe the numerous references to light industry in the zoning ordinances.

n. Change title of Section X "Non-Conforming Lots and Uses" to "Non-Conforming Lots, Structures, and Uses" to properly describe the numerous references to structures in the section.

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