, Kingston, NH

March 8, 2012

Dear Kingston Residents:

This letter is to clarify rumors being discussed throughout Kingston, that were recently brought to my attention.

On January 20th, I filed a complaint with the Kingston Police Department against the Ouellette's. Contrary to the current rumors, no one else was consulted or involved in the filing of the report alleging animal neglect. The filing of the complaint has nothing to do with the current election and is not politically motivated.

On January 19th, I saw a domestic rabbit running loose in the Ouellette's yard. Upon seeing the rabbit, I stopped to notify the Ouellette's of what I saw. Out of concern for the rabbit's safety, I went to the front door to notify the Ouellette's but nobody answered. As a result of my visual assessment of the conditions of the many rabbits on the premises, I filed a complaint with the Kingston Police Department through the help of the Kingston Animal Control Officer and the NHSPCA Law Enforcement Division.

My hope is that this clarifies the false rumors being spread.

Justin Lyons