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March 6, 2012

Newton Town Candidates and Warrant



5. Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 4 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Newton Zoning Ordinance as follows?

Amend SectionVII Establishment of Zones section as follows:

Delete: "These zones as shown on the 'Zoning Map of the Town of Newton' and filed with the Town Clerk and which, with its notations, are hereby made a part of this bylaw. Location of boundaries of districts:

1. Where the boundary lines are shown upon said map within the street lines or utility transportation lines, the centerlines of such ways or lines shall be the boundary lines, unless otherwise indicated.

2. Boundary lines located outside of such street lines or transmission lines, and shown approximately parallel thereto, shall be regarded as parallel to such lines, and dimensions shown in figures placed upon said map between such boundary lines from center line of such lines, such distances being measured at right angles to such lines unless otherwise indicated.

3. Where the boundary lines are shown approximately on the location of property or lot lines, and the exact location of property, lot or boundary lines is not indicated by means of dimensions shown in figures, then the property or lot lines shall be the boundary lines.

4. In all cases which are not covered by other provisions of this Section, the location of boundary lines shall be determined by the distance in feet, if given, from other lines upon said map, by the use of identifications as shown on the map, or by the scale of said map."

Add: "These zones are hereby defined as follows:

1. Residential A - Residential A zone shall be defined as all areas not specifically defined in other zones as indicated in Appendices A, B, C, D, E of this ordinance.

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