, Kingston, NH


March 6, 2012

Newton Town Candidates and Warrant

Selectman, one, three years

Lawrence Foote

Charles Melvin

Colleen Keenan

Kieran Kelly

Planning Board, two, three years

Michael Blanchette

Frank Gibbs

Moderator, one, two years

Robert Dezmelyk

Town clerk/tax collector, one, three years

Mary-Jo McCullough

Treasurer, one, three years

Brenda Fiers

Deidre Castle

Cemetery trustee, one, three years

Michael Hughes

Trustee of trust funds, one, three years

Joseph Simone

Library trustee: one, three years

Marilyn Landry

2. Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 1 as proposed by the Planning Board for the Town of Newton Zoning Ordinance as follows?

Make minor edits to the Town of Newton Zoning Ordinance language to correct previous editorial mistakes. The corrections do not change the meaning of any particular ordinance. The purpose is to make the zoning ordinances more organized and more accurately reflect the past decisions of the townspeople.

The corrections are as follows:

a. Edit Section XIII, subsection 5 as follows:

Delete: "a. Definition - Mobile home is defined as a structure of vehicular portable design built on a chassis and designed to be moved from one site to another and to be used with permanent foundation."

Reference definition found in definition section.

Change numbering of section accordingly.

b. Edit Section XIII, subsection 5, paragraph (e) as follows:

Change: "e. Before placement of a mobile home on a lot, the lot owner must obtain a Conditional Permit from the Building Inspector. Such a permit will be issued upon satisfaction of the following conditions:

i. A Conditional ninety (90) day temporary permit shall be issued upon:

1) Delivery to the Building Inspector of an approved (by the NH Water Supply and Pollution Control Division) septic system design.

2) A certification by the manufacturer that the mobile home is either BOCA certified or meets or exceeds the federal standards issued for mobile home construction issued under and pursuant to 24 CFR 201.520, not earlier than twelve (12) months prior to the date such a temporary permit is issued.

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