, Kingston, NH

February 16, 2012

Vote Fowler for Town Clerk/Tax Collector

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Melissa Fowler for running for Town Clerk/Tax Collector in Kingston. In the 2009 election she spoke about working with two windows in the Town Clerks office; we now have tow windows, but only one is utilized.

Thank you for saying you intend to use both windows to get residents in and out in a timely manner. Thank you for taking the time to research the position by actually shadowing Town Clerks in other towns. Thank you for saying you will modernize the office by utilizing software that has been available for years to register vehicles and dogs online. Some may prefer to go to town hall in person, but I would prefer to register from home. Thank you for letting residents know that you can get your birth certificates in Town even if you were born at Exeter Hospital. The current staff sends you to Exeter. I wonder how much revenue the town has lost over the years.

We have been residents of Kingston for over twenty years, both of our daughters have grown up here and we love the small town feel. However, times have changed, and I for one don't feel that modernizing the office of Town Clerk/Tax Collector will affect the town in a negative way. We will be voting for Melissa Fowler on March 13.

Marty, Traci, Kaeli and Alissa Conlon